2 Poems by Seletta Raven


ode to a fevered dance

Shake me loose!
It is time to stop hiding in the dark
Time to limber up the soul and 
Dance madly in the shadows
In the light that crowds the gloom
Sliding in with maddening grace

Shake me loose!
This is no whim
The heart stirring from its long sleep
Stretching, I hear the snap of my bones
As they elongate to a new pose
As they learn the feeling of their new place

Twist and turn
Laugh as I fill up with delight
Leg kick
Spin around
Sing this all out

Shake me!
Loose and supple as no one imagines
The soul warmed up and ready
One foot on out of the shade
Bent backwards, reaching toward night
Cracking open, receptive

Growing roots in unexpected places
Cutting loose long held beliefs
Bopping through the hordes of sameness
All the longing ready to slip into a new groove
To harmonize with the sun between raindrops

Coil around myself
A voice rising up and out, reaching
Astonished and stirred to new depths of emotion
Breathing out
Cooling down, slipping back, just a step
Not quite ready for the full waves that wait


bubbling up i burst forth

It's not that I've been sleeping
So much as I have not been fully awake
Hibernating peacefully while puzzling through
My own inner secrets to gain new balance

While I was waiting to feel....anything
Burying any spark
Hiding from enthusiasm
 There it was growing quietly in my soul
All that I was seeking yet
Could not find

Even as I sought one path
Another sought me
They converge, 
To my unreserved satisfaction
Mystical and effervescent
Like me


Seletta Raven wrote her first known poem at the age of 5 and has been a prolific creator ever since. Despite some minor detours her work is now blossoming in unexpected ways including painting and photography. She is also a kitchen witch who loves fashion, devoted dog mom and charming personality. The former host of the Luna’s Kitchen Magic radio show she hopes to get back into broadcast soon. http://astrangeandcuriosugirl.blogspot.com