2 Poems by Rina nk



I sing my name into the soukous
and with a gamble: yours too /
I sing in love notes /
twists my hair
into conga drums : and your eyes
in the liner notes and as I dance
I begin to weep

Instruction Manual

scrub the brown off very late at night
sit in the tub and let it boil off
rip thin pink patches of flesh
from everybody who has ever hurt you 
and tie em around your pointer and middle finger 
press em into your palms and
allow this to happen
and then cut some more against the grain 
when the blood starts to boil and flow, bottle it up
like it's spring water
and rinse your hair with it
and you will start to see the change
like you do with the seasons. 
you will see white 
white in the stars 
white like lilies 
white in the snow and be reminded about what you tied
around your finger so long ago 


Rina nk is a 1998-born Filipino-Congolese writer from Illinois. She lives and writes in Arizona. You can find more of her work at rinank.tumblr.com.