2 Poems by Anastacia Tolbert



my heart is cold
but not like cold like ice
cold like cold feet on a
long bed with a tiny blanket    
some say, she cold blooded
like bad ass, like awesome
like there aren’t any hot words
to describe her
                                               ice-ice baby
my heart is a 
velcro igloo with a sink full
of dirty dishes
all the crumbs wet
from feeling left over
jellying at the tinker
of a knife & a slow fork
i need poems in the garage
at night in my underwear
& that makes me c(old)
but once i caught a shivel-wivel
that sauntered down my
foot steps & i knew a coat
would not suffice
no itchy blanket
for the new baby of my       goose bumped
skin. hard nipples
are a thing you hide

she doesn’t come around & no one
knows about the tank & oxygen
how it always lugged behind her
my heart is cold but not
like forget about your troubles
come on get happy. more like
freeze it. so it stays alive


call me            judy
pretend my mother is becky my father ryan
pretend everything i say is the truth—just because.
pretend i wrote it (                                                         )
pretend i am intelligent & creative
pretend i work hard—for the money
                                donna summers on your dick
                                if you need it.
call me            judy
pretend i am the white fence
pretend i am the big house
pretend i am the dog. make it a lab. make it golden.
pretend i drink cosmos. smoothies after a workout.
pretend i smell like—prell
                               lips like bonnie bell
                               victoria secrete model
                               if you need it.
call me            judy
pretend i dominate history
pretend i am the love
pretend i take little things (culture) 
pretend i am exotic. 
pretend i have soul—like a black woman.
                                jill scott/tracy chapman/nina simone     goddamn
                                afro wig & wide lips/hips
                                if you need it.


Anastacia Tolbert’s work is a syrupy rune—wings, words & why not. She is a Cave Canem Fellow, Hedgebrook Alumna, Jack Straw Writer, EDGE Professional Writer, VONA alum, creative writing workshop facilitator, documentarian and playwright. She is writer, co-director, and co-producer of GOTBREAST? Documentary (2007): a documentary about the views of women regarding breast and body image. Lately she’s been obsessed with the body & the stories it holds. http://www.anastaciatolbert.com/