1 Poem by Latorial Faison


Reclaiming Eden

Reclaiming Eden
We congregate in mental secrecy
lifting ancient gourds to sky
grateful, for words that fell 
from beneath Gabriel’s wings

ntitled poems, protests, songs 
revolutions of dead gurus 
            in between Heavens and hells

Souls issued out, offered up 
reigniting fires birthed and burned 
ancient antiques, broken vessels 
hanging from southern trees
scrubbing red bloods from 
lily-white hands, calloused black feet

Recording rages of the ages 
preaching, scribing, and reviving
            baptizing in the name of justice

Sent from Eden to raise the dead 
from the ignorant, poisoned dreams
summoning hues of black blues 
with the lyrics of syncopated truths 
anointing blank pages with oil 
from inkwells of martyred kings