1 Poem by Brooke Hendricks



In Savannah there is a long winding path
Of round black cobble stones and
Broken dreams. And there, in the rain of angry gods,
A boy stands waiting for me.
With hair weaved from Rumpel’s gold
And hands bigger than my
Every dream, the boy is
A lion calling out for me.
Step by step, slowly, I am walking, walking,
Walking into the arms that
Do not open easily. The arms
That stretch wide for Maria
And Maya and Mai but falter
Just slightly for me. And I wish
That it wasn’t so
Obvious. That when my phone rang
At four this morning
It was me
Swimming in the watery abyss of
His bloodshot eyes. But I know
I am only
The twenty-four hour diner on Montgomery
With the warm seats
And jelly doughnuts
Eaten not for its gooey flavor 
But because the Olive Garden
Across the street had closed until morning.
Still, I let my head
Rest against his wet and shivering chest.
I let him take refuge
In my always open arms
Because sometimes a lopsided burger
From McDonald’s is more filling than
A five-course meal. Engulfed in
An embrace meant for someone else,
I drown in the violent, pouring rain.


Brooke Hendricks buys more books than she can finish and spends her nights bingeing on fruit. When she's not crying over foreign dramas, she loves to write at her local Starbucks. She currently majors in Creative Writing at Full Sail University.