1 Poem by Alice Saunders


Sonnet: Eve’s Warning to Fairytale Women

“Till death do us part,” said the Tick to the
Tock with two fingers crossed behind his back.
Repeat it with me now because the black
graffiti on my heart…it gave me the
ink used to write this liturgy with the
intent of telling you about the lack
of grace that led to Charming’s fall, right smack
before he stepped up to be at best the

presence that brought me down, the prince who had
contributed to my bout with the lure
of opportunity. Yet and still, bad 
is the heart that will keep warm and secure
the path to unrighteousness that’s clad
in the covetous steps of men who tour

the shortcuts of romance just so they can
draw out seers looking to be led by
the blind thieves who pretend to be led by
sincerity. But they are sly men. Ban
imposters with seductive lure! What can
be said then…wherewith shall we find by…by
our standards a pure beating organ nigh
unto perfection that rests, calmer than

most, in the chest cavity of one who’s
demeanor represents the Charming of
old days when chivalry was thriving? Lose
the strained notion that he is a part of 
the same cloth those snakes come from. Don’t abuse
your dreams and forsake your chance at true love.


Alice Saunders is a poet, writer, and editor currently residing in Tampa, Florida. Her 
work has appeared in the OW Newsletter and BLACKBERRY: a magazine. Saunders is also 
editor at TL Publishing Group. Her latest published title is Before the Epiphany. You may 
visit her website at http://lyricaltempest.com.