Thirteen Minutes


by Cher Corbin


The glow of the red digits bathed her face and temporarily blinded her. Eleven-forty-seven…11:47 the alarm buzzed. It will soon end. Staring at the monster that held her tightly in its grasp, its four appendages morphing and feeding off her anxiety. The cycle would repeat, she knew and she hated the hold it had on her; never understanding why she subjected herself to this misery every time.

Reflection – Review – Resolution.

Was it that important? What purpose did it serve? Only that which to regurgitate the shit she had trudged through the last three hundred and sixty four.

Eleven fifty-nine…11:59

The red beam shimmied, and she blinked. Music drifted into her space - voices. Hands to ears and pillow over head she made one last feeble effort to block it out.

Ten, nine, eight…..She trembled, engulfed by the monster…, six, five…..swallowed by its ambiance of hope and good will…four, three, two….one!!!

It was done!!

Happy Fucking New Year!!


Forensic Scientist, Artist, MUA & Writer, Cher Corbin is multi-faceted. She has been successful at (NIFCA): Silver and double bronze in Photography 2009; Double silver in the Literary Arts (Prose) 2011; Incentive Award-Most Promising Prose Entry in the Adult Category - THE PINK SLIP. 2011; Bronze- THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CUSS-OUT.2012. See more of Cher’s work in the upcoming issue of BLACKBERRY: a magazine.